Poop and beauty


Poop and beauty

Everyone releases poop every day.
There are various poops.
Poops of various odors and shapes have been announced all over the world.
I never see a human being pooping in a closed room in a private space.
That’s why poop has an extraordinary presence.
When a beautiful model person eats a delicious stage, he feels calm.
It’s an absolute fact that poop comes out of their ass holes.
After pooping, wipe the inside of the buttocks with toilet paper.
Your loved girlfriend is 100% touching her own ass hole.
It’s the reason why I value the inner feeling from the appearance.

Beautiful filth

I decided that I couldn’t persuade him anymore.
But he confesses the facts.
I can only imagine the scenery of the excrement of a beautiful woman that no one has ever seen.
Display your favorite photo of the opposite sex on the toilet.
Look at your favorite photo of the opposite sex after looking at your excrement.
If possible, you can see the reality of the opposite sex by putting out a stinky poop.
We are dominated by our own imagination.
However, you need shit to get out of the control of your imagination.
I think shit is an important part of avoiding escapism.
And I use beautiful poop as fertilizer for growing crops, but I can’t beautify vegetables.
It was a solution I came up with when I wanted to disillusion her existence.
That’s shit.

Poop is myself

Poop is a work of art.
Poop is the savior of life and an indispensable existence.
Poop is more valuable than food.
I’m looking forward to seeing various poops every morning.
This is free fun and my art appreciation.
This is also free fun.
It uses the condition of the organs obtained from the poop.
The idea of ​​creation is like shit.
And The poop is the final miracle object that remains, as if the idea was dropped from the butt.
The individual born in three dimensions is a work inspired by the human idea world.
There is no concept of poop.
That’s why I try not to have a concept.
I will not trust anyone and rely only on my own thoughts.

Typical favorable appearance breaks new reforms

Poop is justice and beauty is evil.
It’s a wonderful story that the products of justice are born in the mornings around the world.
As a result of recovering the battery last night, the work of creative activities in the body is giving birth to ideas.
The realization of that wonderful idea is the existence of shit.
I think we see things in the state of the thought circuit of the primitive age.
Is it useless to feel that many modern people live with thought circuits below Homo sapiens?
There are obviously 99% of people who have poop in the space and can’t even understand what they think abstractly.

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