Poor recipe


Poor recipe

Fermented beans 80 cents
Fermented soup $ 1
1 pack of 10 eggs for $ 1
3 bags of noodles for $ 1
90 cents with 8 slices of bread

The next day’s joy of keeping your daily food costs below $ 5

The fun meal has disappeared from my life.
I’m eating food to live.
You don’t need an element to enjoy eating.
If you don’t eat it, you will die.
Will I die if I don’t enjoy it?
Food to enjoy is expensive and eventually disappears into the toilet stream.
I don’t eat meat so I don’t smell the excrement.
Thanks to the myriad of excrement, I don’t have to turn the ventilation fan on the toilet.
I feel happy by experiencing a fulfilling daily life every morning.
And I remember when I was feeling depressed and changing into work clothes to go to work every morning.
It was forcibly dissatisfied.
Currently I have inconvenience.
The inconvenience can make the thinking circuit work.
How much does your food cost tonight?
Perhaps stressed workers buy their favorite foods without worrying about the price and enjoy dinner while watching TV tonight.
And I feel depressed again tomorrow morning.
I’m repeating unpleasant things.

Enjoy for free

I hope you enjoy something for free.
Extreme hunger creates 80 cents of fermented beans worth more than $ 1000 in fine French cuisine.
If possible, I would like to find an alternative to eating food.
Can I stay alive if I keep drinking tap water?
I don’t want to worship myself.
However, the result of liberating from the existing values ​​is the pursuit of poverty recipes.
I’m looking for food and vegetables for less than $ 1.
However, the price of vegetables is soaring due to the effects of climate change.
Since one cabbage costs $ 2, I eat potatoes and spinach that have expired.
There is no more attractive keyword than free for moderators.
I have experience growing plants by borrowing water from the park.

For me, the food service industry is as valuable as the sex industry

I’m thinking about the act of putting food made by others in my mouth.
It feels like kissing another person.
You can’t eat restaurant food without checking what’s being made in the back room.
There is no guarantee or confirmation that the food in the restaurant does not contain fine saliva from the cook.
At the age of 20, I heard that if you eat without washing your mouth with water, it is the same as eating excrement.
The manager of the convenience store, who was in the back room when he was working part-time at a convenience store, joked about it.
From the time you hear it, be sure to gargle with water and wash your mouth before eating.
Sometimes I feel sorry for people who enjoy restaurant food in the world, thinking that $ 5 a day is less than the restaurant’s side menu.
I feel the shadow of Satan in the desperate mass supply and mass consumption of junk human beings.

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