Portrait shooting



Portrait shooting

15 important points of portrait shooting

  1. Lens
  2. The best lens for portrait photography is a single focus lens. It’s easy to blur the background.
    135mm F2 or 24mm F1.4 or 85mm F1.8

  3. Lighting
  4. Soft light is best. Equipment has soft boxes, umbrellas, ring lights and split lights.

  5. Camera setting
  6. Keep the aperture open to basic. Keep the shutter speed at which the camera can not be shaken when taking a picture with the camera. Increase the sensitivity as the ISO sensitivity gets darker. If it is bright, the sensitivity will be lowered in order to shade the subject.

  7. Aware of the light around the shooting location
  8. For example, the light of a vending machine at night acts as the light of a soft box.

  9. Concept of sun and utilization of sunlight
  10. Keep sunlight behind the subject.

  11. Keep the background simple
  12. Do not make the background completely unrelated to the subject. Make your subject stand out by blurring the background with a single focus lens.

  13. Low angle shooting
  14. An angle from a person’s point of view in everyday life is unattractive.

  15. Catch light
  16. Use round flash

  17. Eye expression and focus
  18. Composition
  19. Three division method or Leading line

  20. Posing of the subject (natural)
  21. Communication with the subject
  22. Do not instruct with a voice aloud. Look as if you see the subject in the mirror.

  23. Possitive thinking (Optimistic thought)
  24. Since there is a trouble at the shooting site, solve the problem calmly and do not bother the subject and surrounding staff.

  25. Shooting in raw mode
  26. Can process.

  27. Build your own style

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