Post 15 videos a day


Post 15 videos a day

I’m posting a stock video on Youtube.
I want to post more than 100 videos all at once.
I set a schedule and posted a reservation.
That’s the so-called ahead of schedule.
It’s a way to constantly create new things and publish completed past works on time.
However, you can post up to 15 videos on Youtube a day.
You cannot post until 24 hours have passed after 15 posts.

Update time

The update time varies depending on the time of the Youtube video.
Of course, posting a video for a long time takes time.
I used to post a video on Youtube for 5 hours.
The update time at that time was several hours.
That’s why I stopped posting feature-length videos on Youtube.
It would be easier for viewers to post and publish short videos on a regular basis.
However, it is not good to post low quality videos randomly.
Anyway, I think that posting every day rather than randomly is an attitude that attracts viewers.
Update time is not proportional to results.
After all, the public is not interested in things that are not very entertaining.

The principle of not editing videos

Videos with a lot of subtitles and BGM are unpleasant.
I think the simple and realistic depiction attracts humans.
However, the videos that have been sought for acceptance by the masses are subjective videos.
I think it is important to be conscious of moving the emotions of others by assuming yourself as another person.
And I was able to get a sense of justice by changing from selfishness to altruism a few months ago.
I think this is a skin sensation.
There are many Youtube video contributors who lament that they are having a hard time editing videos.
However, there are many tasks in the world that are more unpleasant for me than video editing.
Carrying luggage of several tens of kilograms and long-term customer service and entertainment are more difficult tasks.
The current situation is that the video posting schedule for next month is set in two days.
We aim to complete a novel and short-time expression without any editing.

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