Post Office Era Part 2


Post Office Era Part 2

Monotonous repetition of work

There is a saying that it is better to enter through a narrow gate from a wide gate.
In other words, you have to solve a difficult problem first.
There are good and bad jobs in the world.
Everyone wants a good job.
The conditions for applying for a good job are strict, but the requirements for applying for a bad job are simple.
It is very important to have a sense of danger in the recruitment conditions of inexperience.
The only requirement for applying for a job at the post office is to have a motorcycle license.
Jobs that do not require difficult skills, educational backgrounds or achievements can be basically recognized as bad jobs.
Post office deliverers don’t just deliver.
First of all, you have to maintain your delivery bike every day.
Then, it is necessary to manage the information on entering and leaving the delivery destination.
First You have to deliver large mail and parcels.
Second You have to pick up the money for the delivery and open the mail.
And You must respond to a non-delivery report.
Finally You have to deal with various problems, not just repetitive tasks.

No paid leave

It’s true that not all post office employees take paid leave, and we can assert that.
You have to go to work and work until you resign permanently.
Think about whether there is hope and expectation there.
Only regular employees can take paid leave, but their maximum paid leave is one week.
Employees who work for a period like me cannot take paid leave.
Only part-time employees are employed for regular employees’ paid leave.

Only anger

I do not know in detail about the management situation of the Japanese post office.
However, it is a fact that a case in which a post office insurance claim was discovered in recent years has survived.
After all, I think it shows that management is difficult.
I think I was right after resigning from the post office, but I was able to learn a lot.
Certainly, there was a history of taking a leave of absence due to excessive stress while working at the post office.
He was too angry at workplace relationships and harsh working conditions.
One day I felt something strange in my throat while working.
And she began to nosebleed frequently.
I was mentally depressed and asked the hospital to write a medical certificate.
And I got a two month leave.

The leave was a time of mental change

He returned to work after a period of absence, but resigned four months later.
After thinking about my outlook on life, I began to realize the importance of skills.
During the absence period, communication from the company was completely cut off.
I was experiencing the suffering of the working class and the reality of the social class.
Anyway, after the post office resignation, I began to seek skills and new places.

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