Post Office Era Part 3


Post Office Era Part 3

Self-destruction business

Do overseas people know that it is a suicide bombing business?
What is suicide bombing?
Simply put, buy your own products.
Have you ever heard of the company being built by the self-destruction business?
This is the darkness of the Japanese post office.

Sales quota twice a year

Post office workers and employees who work at post offices are self-destructive.
This has been done for a long time and is still being done.
In my case, I bought 100 postcards myself and my sales quota was a total.
Sell ​​the 100 postcards to a pawn shop and convert them to cash.
It’s about getting cash at a lower price than the postcard you purchased in the actual suicide bombing business.
You have to do that silly act at least twice a year.
I myself have had two suicide operations.

Mail trouble

Almost every day there was a trouble with mail.
I have to do my usual duties while dealing with the trouble.
Not only ordinary mail but also registered mail, registered mail, cash on delivery mail and tracking mail must be delivered.
One employee has a large amount of work, which naturally leads to work mistakes.
However, business mistakes are not allowed.
You have to become a company slave like an emotionless robot.
Excessive stress from being angry at the company boss rather than being complained by customers.
I myself have dealt with the problem of non-delivery of mail several times.
I noticed that I had to deal with a lot of work anyway.
Simply because of labor costs.
This is because if you do more work for each employee, you do not have to hire employees for each job.
The worst is a company that has easy job and job application requirements.

Hate boss

There was a boss I disliked.
I don’t want to write or even say the name of the boss.
Anyway, he lacked human growth.
If everyone is at the company, they will have a disliked boss.
I had a distinction between work and private aspects, so I was able to cope with my hated boss.
More than 90% of employees in working-class companies have abnormal personality development.
Employees trying to break out of the working class are basically conscientious.
However, the communication of employees who stay in the working class is the worst.
I think you should resign if you have a hated boss and a hated subordinate.
Mental damage translates into physical damage.

Manufacturing, distribution and service industries and creators

I know the pain of working class work.
There are many people who work with a real desire to die.
But changing life can be easily changed by mental transformation.
Anyway, there are many interesting and promising jobs in the world.
Think about the keywords of manufacturing, delivery, service, and creators.

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