Post office era


Post office era

I want to talk about the Japanese post office.
And I myself have actually worked as a postman delivery man for about two years.
I want to talk about the actual situation of the post office in Japan.
However, I worked at the post office as a permanent employee.
Since I did not work as a regular employee, I can talk about the post office from a low perspective.
I started working at the post office in October 2012.
It’s more than seven years ago, and I think the post office situation is a bit different now.
But I don’t think the business form has fundamentally changed from seven years ago.

Recruitment advertisement

Post office deliverers also deliver recruitment advertisements along with the mail.
We are actively talking to the recipients.
Because the post office is always catastrophic employee vacancy.
Imagine a poor working environment, harsh work content and a job with no future.
We recognize that this is the reality of the Japanese post office.

Joined Post Office in October 2012

I joined the post office for a variety of reasons, but soon realized that it was a wrong decision.
I had a job interview and was hired as a post office collection and delivery sales department.
After recruitment, five days of company training were conducted.
The content of the training is to learn how to ride a motorcycle, sort mail, and serve customers.
By the way, transportation expenses from the company to the training destination are not paid.
I remember training from Monday to Friday and starting work from Monday.
At first, I felt the atmosphere of the work environment was good.
However, most colleagues at work do not have interpersonal communication skills.

Postman is a 100-year-old business model

Mail exists even in the modern age.
In Japan, there is a business that produces gasoline and delivers mail by motorcycle.
This postal delivery business model is more than 100 years old.
I am wondering if I should do classical and traditional work in this era when it is natural to work on the Internet.
I think it’s not bad to work at a post office simply to earn living expenses for a certain period.
In fact, post office fraud has been taken up by the public, and joining a post office is easy for everyone.

Japan Post Office is corrupt

The Japanese post office is made up of private companies.
Who are the shareholders of Japan Post Co., Ltd.?
I remember being disappointed when I learned about the shareholder.
If you have time, I would like you to search the Internet for keywords such as Japan Post Office and the case.
It’s true that reality is extreme.

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