Poverty in the heart


Poverty in the heart

What is true poverty?
I am very fortunate to be able to understand the meaning of poverty.
Support companies for various events advertise as providers.
The 21st century is no longer an era of enriching things.
What do you want next with a car, a mobile phone, and a computer?
Flying car?
Emigration to Mars?
Emigration to the moon?
Time Machine?
It can be assumed that the evolution of human technology is over.
And I understood the essence of true happiness and true poverty.
The bottom line is not to emulate America.
The nation to be imitated is the welfare state.
It is impossible to create more emotional movements and high-tech tools.
But look at them struggling for development and business day and night.
They don’t have free time.
He is killing his freedom for a moment of honor and spiritual pleasure.
They usually argue against that fact.

Unlabor and huge business shit

I am asking God.
It’s not a request for a ticket to go to heaven.
It is a punishment for those wealthy people.
They may be able to understand true happiness by inflicting their physical accidental damage.
One day, I’m hoping for news that the president and major shareholders of a large company will suffer from cancer or a major illness of unknown cause.
I don’t want their death.
However, it is true that some poor people silently admit the deadly sins to the monetary and monopoly.
I shortened my running distance at noon today.
The reason is that the general public was also disappointed with their lazy attitude.
I was running around the houses in the neighborhood with low motivation.
Is it something that would die if I didn’t buy the product myself?
I want you to confirm it.
And I learned on Euro News that a large amount of carbon is being emitted by the wealthy 1%.

Adventurer and photographer

You shouldn’t have a living because anything is fine.
You have to think about the type of livelihood.
Making money is never a good thing.
Can your economic activities, human activities and hobbies be done to death or livelihood?
I watch Youtube videos of lovers and couples traveling in the country by camper every day.
They enjoyed freedom and nature.
The scene is just like happiness.
You may call them adventurers.
I used to be crazy about single-lens reflex photography.
The work of leaving various still images in photography is also an artistic activity and expression.
It is not uncommon for elderly people to take pictures of mountains and the sea with a single-lens reflex camera.
That would be a good job that is possible enough.
Should we make a living by overworking the body that only young people can do?
The answer is no.
Don’t change your livelihood.
No experience is as great as devoting a lifetime to a living.
I was in the third year of high school when I graduated from a heart-warming job.
If I had been wrestling in college, I would have missed a number of meaningful life experiences.


Basically poor national character, race and personality are troublesome.
But there is a way to get rid of poverty.
The pursuit of philosophical books, movement, and a period of loneliness.
If you look at East Asian countries, you can see the color of the poor race.
It’s not just the definition of economic equal happiness.
In other words, they are doing a lot of work because they are happy with the sense of restraint and duty that they want to be tied to something.
On the other hand, they are the exact opposite of East Asians, wearing sunglasses and walking against the backdrop of the European cityscape on weekday mornings.
Dogs that are tailed to a sense of crisis about the economy and a sense of mission to carry out their duties are obedient to their owners, which is fine.
However, stray cats walking around such dogs are living a stress-free life.
There may be a pet dog in a chain that feels sad while staring at the cat’s ass.

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