Presence of special talent


Presence of special talent

After all, it would be nice to have some special talent.
Various talents are nonsense.
People who are doing a lot of work put a half-finished label on their bodies.
Do you have a special talent?

Modern celebrity

To the extreme, there are only a few humans with special talents in all modern day celebrities.
Even if you don’t have any special talent, you can become a celebrity and develop a huge business.
It is natural to not be impressed by all humans living in the present age.
And it has been established by the career of several great people in the past.
Searching the internet, all humans just throw themselves in the red ocean.
You cannot succeed unless you create a blue ocean called a settlement.

Overwhelming presence

The creatures that make up the flock are not rare.
It is nonsense to belong to a company organization or organization and seek success.
It’s a waste of time for me to challenge friends with the fear of becoming lonely.
There is no choice but to depart from the group called society in order to create an unprecedented presence.
Doing what nobody has done is very doubtful and anxious.
But I don’t want to be the kind of person who keeps copying.
I don’t want to be a person like the same product that is copied and manufactured.
If there is red rice in white rice, it stands out.
I think it is ultimately important to be the exact opposite of that.
So I think the first step is to get a lifestyle, judgment, and appearance that are different from those of the general public.

Reconnect the thinking circuit every time

Every time I have a feeling of anxiety or doubt, I reconnect the thought circuit.
It’s becoming popular.
If you neglect to manage the thought circuit, it will quickly become popular.
And I am thinking so that I will not become a boring person who lives like everyone else.
And in order to maintain my values ​​and thoughts, I always perform unification, training, and naps in the afternoon.
The preconceived concept is a very dangerous idea.

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