Yasunari’s art gallery


Name : Yasunari kayama

Birth : Dec 9th 1985

Nation : Japan

Blood type : A

Last education : Kantoh gakuen high school

Language : English, Spanish, Japanese

Skills : Painting, Drawing, Designing, Illustrating, Photograph, Video edition
Favorite color : White, Green

Occupation : Web engineer, Blogger, Video editor, Youtuber

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Welcome back to my art gallery!! I’m respecting Vincent van gogh’s life-style and his life-time. I just would be born to create something for people. I want you to get some inspiration from my part of arts.

monday night

Last dine with family or anything like that haha…

everyone has reasonable

everyone has trouble

explain about economic growth

what I saying to myself is

there is nothing to lose

you don’t wanna think of own problems

have you ever seen differ customs and lifestyle before?

we all ended up!!!

Yasunari’s art gallery

My art biography

When I was 25years old, I was on leave for a couple of month because of physical damaged, backache. I had took operation for fix backache and after operation, It wasn’t able to work again soon. My mission was just treat fixed backache and needed to take a rest of some period. Then I had often visited to art museum and library. I had very impressed oil paint’s fascination especially. That’s why I’ve started drawing and designing and oil painting until today.
My art style is humor, differ motion, another world’s appearance in human’s mind. What I made page of Yasunari’s art gallery is letting worldwide’s audience know about oddly expression.
I’m used to use Adobe create software’s illustration. I do express newly creation also. Anyway I’m an Expresser.

Art is eternal theme…

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Yasunari’s art galleryThank you for watching!!

by yasunari kayama

Yasunari Kayama