Prohibited in continuous production


Prohibited in continuous production

It is important to continue the cause.
And we need to interpret things theoretically.
I like vegetables very much.
Someday I want to secure a farmland for agriculture.
I was able to learn life lessons through agriculture.
That is to avoid continuous production.
Continuous cropping is the continuous cultivation of the same crops on the same farmland.
There is a risk of crop failure due to continuous cropping.
There are few crops that can be continuously cropped.
After all, I have to grow vegetables in a cycle of several years.
This year cultivates cabbage, next year cultivates carrots, next year cultivates watermelons, and again cultivates cabbage.
In other words, you cannot continue to harvest the same crop.

Same work with same crop

If success is a harvest, failure is a failure.
Many people who fail continue to sow the same crops on the same farm.
In other words, you cannot harvest crops that will be a lifetime success.
There is something in common with the violence of vulgar people.
It’s the same thing over and over.
They do not seek different behavior or different environments.
They don’t think, they don’t want success, they don’t know.
I doubt their attitude to get tired of the same behavior and environment.
Why don’t they know the wonder of change?
It’s important to be aware that you don’t continue the series.

Sow different seeds

Most Youtuber videos repeat the same thing.
It hasn’t changed and they are happy with the status quo.
Are you tired of continuing to eat the same crops by continuous cropping?
I think the consciousness of eating various agricultural products is a hint for success.
And I just don’t know what the different species look like.
There is no choice but to find it out.
So it’s important to think about discovering different forms of species.
Will you continue to work today?

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