Prohibition law of abortion

Prohibition law of abortion

Anti-abortion laws have been enacted in US states
Pros and cons about abortion

What are the feelings of raped pregnant women?
Artificial abortion is to take life given by God
And that violates the teachings of Christianity

HIV is flooded in African countries and South Asian countries
The fact that it has been revealed that HIV has been infected in Pakistan the other day has been killed and killed

World population growth
Civil war in Syria
Report of daily murder cases
Democracy and political turmoil

Significance of human existence

Global warming
sea ​​level rise
Moral decline

Feel happiness at the park’s rest place on the weekend
Painter’s life not selling
Constantly arguing people

To respect precious lives is an attitude of gratitude to God
No one is bad
There are no good or bad people in the world
Every time I remember the story of Adam and Eve, I wonder about the human curiosity
The mistake of doing something that can not be done

This week’s tragedy
Tragedy next week
Tragedy of next week
Next year’s tragedy
Tragedy of next year again

There is no year without tragedy in history

Shut up and walk
Maintain current status

Eternal vicious circle
Eternal dispute
I feel pain without an answer

It will be judged even if you say Yes
It is judged even if it says No
I think I just have to shut up and walk
I feel that it is important to leave the barren area

We believe that women’s opinion should be given top priority
I feel that the government should give women the choice
I think I should respect my personal choice

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