Proof of heat dissipation

Proof of heat dissipation

I think I have to face loneliness and review myself again.
I don’t want to be the tragic hero in the end, but I don’t want to be a mass. Pursuing creation in a variety of situations is never easy.
Tired of international news, various incidents, accidents and relationships.
I feel that my life is going smoothly. I want to confess myself while watching the crowd.
I’m just sighing without thinking about tomorrow’s schedule. There is a tremendous amount of time, information and lies, and people just keep fulfilling their desires.
People who are satisfied with pleasure and superiority are not artists and are not legendized.
Thinking about my inner self, I like other people about my existence. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes doesn’t make any sense, so I seriously believe in my potential and continue to challenge.
I’m never a charisma but an ordinary person. I think I can be happy if I am satisfied with my daily life, but I don’t want to be happy.
I understand the wonder of always thinking about problems that have no answer. Life is a painful and long staircase, but I am happy to challenge. I feel dissatisfied with the management society, but I don’t feel pressure.
I understand that I have to take various responsibilities when I live with the initiative, and I am challenging with the risks. Even if you get sick, you can’t stop the challenge.
I train myself like a boxer in a situation where no one helps. Is there a meaning of retirement?
I want to continue my production activities and provide excitement. I want to do economic activities as an artist, but I know the pain of society.
I think it’s important to seek freedom because you can’t help following the rules.

Life without answers

I feel a lot when I look up at the sky. Various city landscapes and seasonal wind scents revives memories. I don’t intend to go against the system, but I always work while thinking about my view of life. When I feel more than 30 years, I think about death. I think life philosophy is strongly influenced by my own experiences, the opinions of people around me, and the speeches of celebrities. I don’t want to encounter an innovative event. I don’t know what real human justice is. Everyone feels they may be fighting with themselves.

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