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Proposal is necessary to work freelance

As a this title that for all freelancer might have many proposal to get demands from clients.
You know It’s absolutely different between employee and freelancer.
There are differ point of both of two and let me explain about it.


good points

It’s not necessary to make contract with clients to get work.
Basically it’s able to get salary by company attendance.

bad points

There are a lot of rules and never allow to make any decision with work.
Just need to obey company’s owner and have to work overtime if need to do it.


good points

It’s feel free to make any decision.
In depends on request condition or oneself’s condition, it’s possible to accept a job requests from clients.

bad points

It’s necessary to manage tax and business results and monthly sales and if there is own employee, paying wages monthly for employee

So which one way is fit too much for your lifestyle actually?
Basically what is exactly prioritize do you? Social securities or less responsibilities or so?
I don’t know correct answer for people but you know it’s most importance thing to work for living.
In my case that I actually am about to prioritize freelance first but I’m not good at managing difficult things and interacting and completing the procedure.
Once You need to think about it. Goodness for you.
Thank you

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