Provision of entertainment


Provision of entertainment

Art is not entertainment.
People who depend on material things.
So People clinging to entertainment to avoid a depressing mood.
I feel the weakness of the human spirit in today’s intense trading.
You can’t write useful information articles every day.
I write articles about my everyday life and my own mental state.
But every time I make animated videos, I want to include some jokes.
Although he produces animation videos with strong message characteristics, posting the same video content and video style every time does not lead to growth.
They are looking for good ideas in their homes, libraries and shopping malls.

Exposing the bad parts of East Asians who cannot afford

My personality is nervous and I’m not good at relaxing.
I feel impatient even to stop working for a day.
And I just want to leave a work that embodies more of my creativity.
However, I cannot sit and watch in front of a TV or PC all day in the house.

Should I live without thinking?

Watching a Youtube video that enjoys traveling abroad, I was thinking about the ordinary way of ordinary citizens.
Is sharing happiness with family, friends and lovers the happiness of life?
But by looking at their depictions of family trips, they can be an element of my change.
Should we forget the challenge, stop thinking and live for society?
Some people are sick because they keep storing fat in their bodies.

Old lazy life and current challenger’s life

We realize that living abandoning our dreams is dead.
There is a sense of danger in the lifestyle of the general public who fears even turning off the TV.
I can’t feel at all like a spectator or bystander.
And I am dissatisfied with the rules of society that have to retire at some point.
So I forget my common sense and believe in my intuition and spend the life of the challenger.
When I was living in the old lazy life, I was obese and did not do any homework at all.

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