Psychotherapy in the afternoon


Psychotherapy in the afternoon

In the morning, I concentrate on perception and work.
Run at noon and resume work in the afternoon.
However, no information will be collected from the afternoon.
It’s absolutely decided.
Information gathering is done only in the morning, and recollection and psychotherapy in the afternoon.


Anyway, it is impossible to organize your mind in your house.
Exercise and thought are necessary to alleviate mental damage.
And it is very important to put yourself in nature.
I work until 3 pm in the afternoon.
Basically I do psychotherapy in the afternoon and reflect on the day.
And again, we are preparing for tomorrow.
When I was working full-time, I had psychotherapy the morning before work.
However, psychotherapy is not efficient in a short time and before work.
You may recognize that humans are most active only in the morning.
In the afternoon, I have to heal the mental damage I received in the morning.

Feeling and gentle feeling that the natural environment heals the spirit

Looking far away is enough psychotherapy.
Being in nature can calmly deal with various problems and worries.
After all, the same emotional tendency is repeated.
Unless you correct the trajectory in the right direction of your life every day, you will spoil your life.
Philosophy and religious spirit are needed there.
It’s the ultimate pleasure to sit on a bench in a sports park, see the mountains, and be blown by the wind.
It’s a sense of liberation.
Of course I think about the creative theme there.
If you don’t pay attention to the creative theme every day, it will be just an activity.
Without expressing my self-assertion, my way of being is meaningless.


Nothing is cheaper than free.
The public pays for psychotherapy.
Don’t you feel silly about charging to get excited about something?
I go out by bicycle or on foot.
And I am particular about taking a walk to the park in the afternoon.
Taking a walk is more solid than buying a tens of dollars amusement park ride ticket.
Unless we reconsider the ideals of US mass production and mass consumption capitalism, we will be unhappy forever.
We need to emulate them who live quietly in Scandinavia.
Sweden is wonderful.
Finland is the best.
Norway is perfect.
It is the Nordic teachers who know what a real hobby means.

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