Public religion & heathenism and paganism


Public religion & heathenism and paganism

People who have the faith of the world are read as the masses.
This is a sad fact.
I only feel angry at society.
That is also true.
However, I run, read, take a walk, and take a deep breath to stabilize my mind.
After all, I think I’m the cause of my anger now.
It creates stress and further anger that cannot be transferred to someone.
If you endure the harsh feelings of the moment, you can regain your normal feelings in a few minutes.
However, I am pessimistic about how people in the outside world live according to the worldly religions.
I tried to persuade them.
He has repeatedly asserted the importance of life philosophy and religious spirit.
However, the human character, national character, customs and traditions do not change.


Everyone seems to be aware that they are living as non-religious people.
But that’s a big mistake.
It’s important not to seek the wrong rarity, but to take a different path from the masses after studying religion and philosophy, and that’s my recommendation.
From the second floor of the apartment, I see people who have been enslaved by society due to the evil spirit.
I think it’s a very humorous depiction.
It will take less than 10 years for global warming, world affairs and morals to become completely evil.
However, a minority of people live humbly every day with a sense of crisis and tension.
Even today, there are people who go to schools, companies, factories, and shops without knowing the invitation of evil spirits.
That would be a destiny.
I was chosen by God, so I was able to escape from the evil cult.
However, people have not yet been chosen by God.
Everything gets better from living the life as God planned.

The military is an organization for killing enemies

Indeed, they are an army aimed at self-defense.
It is sometimes tolerant of killing enemies.
Is that all right?
However, there are people in the military who have the illusion that they cannot live if they get out of this military organization.
It is necessary to study philosophical books and theology in the library in order to retire from the military organization of society and pursue the true meaning of life.
You should escape from the noise of your neighborhood, the economic benefits of the internet, and the advertising of physical and mental pleasures.
I just get up from the usual place and follow my creative routine as usual.
I don’t wake up in the morning for money, I wake up in the morning to create excitement.
What are you waking up in the morning for?

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