Pure loneliness


Pure loneliness

It’s okay to lose money.
You can get money if you make money.
But time cannot be regained.
I am trying to be interested in conversations and stories that do not make sense.
I’m still watching people mass-producing.
A lazy man who wakes up in the afternoon sunshine is waiting for a night feast.
You can’t just spend a simple lonely time.
You can now sit in a chair and read a book in the room.
I recognize it as a proof of an adult.
There is no anger or sadness there.
If you’re hungry for entertainment elements, switch on your TV.
The future of people who spend a day on internet videos is also a gloomy old age life.
Old people are usually destined to experience loneliness.
The old man who is satisfied with the days of remembering his youth is no longer alive.
Solitude is good.
I don’t talk to anyone.
And I don’t contact anyone.
Not affected by others.
I think we should stay away from all human beings.
Even calling destroys the goodness of loneliness.

Free invitation to be out of the group

It’s good to be out of the group.
One person is free.
Members of the group have been deprived of their freedom.
I think it should be pitiful.
Seriousness is exploited by a good time.
The cycle of the day and eternal sleep make me feel better.
Eternity and death tell us that we don’t have to worry about real problems.

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