Quiet early morning city


Quiet early morning city

You can have a refreshing feeling early in the morning

I was thinking about monetary issues early Sunday morning.
And I think it is important to kill time without spending money. For example, if you go to watch sports games and try to kill time, there is a ticket cost.
Well Rather than buying a $ 30 third-floor ticket, I’d like to concentrate on seeing the crowd in the park to encourage self-development and…

motivate work on Monday

You know I want you to think about cost performance anyway.
So Watching a 2-hour performance of music and theatrical performance does not help your life.
And You can watch sports on Youtube videos and watch dramas and movies. Ignoring social media that can be used for free is a waste. The masses are brainwashed by mass media advertising media and stopped thinking. I feel that the human morals of modern society are declining.
But no one can sympathize with or resonate with my thinking ability. You can use the work area for free by working on a blog post in a quiet midnight park.
I used a fast food restaurant for blog editing, video editing and animation production, but I regret it. If you use a quiet time late at night or early in the morning, you can secure a place and time for free. I am convinced that the way to improve thinking ability is to be lonely. I’m writing as a blogger but I’m not going to be a video blogger and I’m not going to be a Youtuber. Considering the story line, I sometimes post videos on Youtube, but I give priority to blog posts. I just want to share my feelings, my life philosophy and my experiences. But modern people don’t have the habit of reading, and most people are only interested in the video and entertainment industries. My own wish is not to seek economic power.

There is no point in doing the same thing

Using similar trending content may be effective and produce some good results

But there is no creation at all. Various people perform using the freedom of expression, but it is not easy.
So I am impressed by the performers who are working hard to make high quality works in the entertainment industry.
I myself think about ideas and publish them on social media, but I can’t produce good results.
And I think that adjusting the environment of daily life is very important. It is difficult to create ideas for extraordinary life while maintaining mind control.
And then That’s why I take care of the late nights of holidays and the quiet spaces and times of the early mornings.

You should learn and have fun for free

Midnight park
Early morning park
Vocational training school
Employment information office

The important thing in life is to live without spending money. If you live in a country that promotes mass production and mass consumption, you can feel the mass consumption. Spend money on unnecessary clothes, entertainment products, luxury cars and restaurants to relieve the stress of everyday work. I haven’t become popular because I recognize that I should use my monthly income profits for self-investment. Most people are afraid of loneliness and make life movies boring. Life is a movie. Everyone wants to play a life like a Titanic movie in the movie heroine. The movie of the life of the crowd is no good. The overwhelmingly lonely and poor heroine movie is more interesting.

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