My word today

If you get tired of acting, you can quit

Please don’t be too strict with yourself, but don’t be too forgiving, I warn it.
Uhh.. we need to adjust work and home, friends and families.
Right now I am confusing to take boring and painful daily repetition.
So I need to roadwork every morning for spiritual unity.

Ant and grasshopper fairy tales

I think that the fairy tales of Ali and Grasshopper are very life lessons.
Well, Have you ever seen a lazy ant?
I never ever had seen it before.
I have a desire to challenge the ants and bees who continue to work hard for the queen until they die.
But you know what it doesn’t make sense to keep doing things that are not causeless.

Sometimes we need to have break long term for happiness

I think it’s a very important thing to stop and understand the surroundings.
Also it’s important to seek your understanding from the people around you by doing your own efforts.
I have quit my job and have worked on oil painting, studying abroad, and traveling abroad for a short time.
Eventually I feel it satisfaction that. So far I had quit role of student vice president, job, oil painting, sending foreign friends snail-mail.
Well I think human beings are naturally bored creatures.
Thank you

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