Radio sound source


Radio sound source

I’m working while listening to a radio source.
Or I also use the sound source of Youtube videos.
It is not uncommon to be unable to create in silence.
However, when it is important to express emotions, a silent space is created.
Animation work is also a kind of simple work.
If you find it bothersome to do one task and neglect it, stop the task.
I can’t concentrate on the afternoon work.
Two hours after waking up early in the morning is the best time to concentrate.
I used to listen to the radio when I was studying for the exam.
Radio is secretly in fashion.
The answer sound source about the serious person’s outlook on life makes the work very efficient.
It also leads to self-development.
I don’t work while listening to the radio at midnight, but it feels good to work with a positive radio source in the morning.

News source

Sometimes I work while listening to news sources on Youtube videos.
You have to make a serious mood to warn of self-lazy moments.
The commentary sound source of the current affairs news of the caster of the news sound source is effective there.
I’m working with Euro news live video turned on.
Listening to the newscaster’s sound source endlessly and earnestly plays a role in improving the hearing ability of English.

No music at work

It was surprising that music did not help improve work.
I’m tired of motivating music.
I’m tired of the experience of running while listening to Rocky’s theme song.
So I’m not working or acting while listening to music.
Youtube’s soliloquy video is a valuable sound source for humans who express a very human theme.
Anyway, I like the existence of serious human beings.
And the sound source that seriously asks unanswered themes and problems such as rationality and morality is the best sound source for workers.

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