I became a Freelancer and need to careful of plenty managements. Then I have to save money for everyday life. Ramen and Udon for me is reasonable price. Every night I enjoy eating delicious noodle.

1 dollar Shop

I can’t afford to go shopping at supermarket and so I gonna have to use 1 dollar shop which kind of Daiso is.

All for success
Success for achievement
Achievement for happiness
Happiness for oneself

Instant food

Temporarily I have to eat instant cup noodle for saving money. Honestly I want somebody’s patronage for dream comes true but surround me to criticize with dream.

Japanese way to cheat on stomach

  1. Noodle
  2. Rice + soup
  3. Moyashi

I am enjoy to spend saving life and my mind might be relaxing because of my own habit make myself comfortably. I really like being challenger I feel.

Sometime say what a fā—‹ā—‹k, make your move!!!! If you can’t say it, you can’t do it.
Go for it!!!!
love you
yasunari kayama šŸ†—

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