Rat race


Rat race

Do not participate in rat races.
Why participate in a painful rat race?
The cause is daily expenses and waste.
If you don’t throw away your car, your house, your marriage, your money, you have to continue the rat race for the rest of your life.
Creating is very fun.
It’s definitely worth doing.
However, when a business joins there, a rat race will be held.
We must absolutely face the current situation and actual problems.
Certainly, I used to live emotionally with an interest in dreams and romance.
It was really my stupid past.

Overseas travel and emigration

Love and marriage are completely different things.
The real problem is big.
Traveling abroad is really a rich entertainment and hobby.
It is inevitable that people in ordinary households will suffer great financial damage if such luxury is applied.
An American television program called 90 day fiance is just a reference example.
The emotional behavior of love causes him to suffer later in the real world.
We live a difficult life because of desire.
So if you stay calm and look at things theoretically, you don’t have to take part in the rat race.


It is very stupid to seek status, wealth or honor.
Humans who humbly make and work without profane purposes can always live a happy life.
I’m not jealous of today’s popular people.
I just feel the stupidity of the public’s thinking stop.
The reason why the masses do not know to judge the essence is that they have never been lonely.
And he may continue to be narcissistic without the experience of masturbating.
Popular is dirty noise and annoying.
The very popular one is the equal rat race, which continues to meet popular demand.

Elephant and rat

The speed of looking back behind the elephant and the rat is completely different.
The mouse is in a moment.
However, it takes tens of seconds for the elephant to look back.
After all, it is important to notice important things early in a finite life time.
I personally couldn’t notice as quickly as a rat.
So I have had a lot of tough lives and no worldly success experience.
The public doesn’t even look backwards.
However, I’m on the sidelines of how they are being deceived.

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