Mental attitude of photography

  1. It is my basic concept that we live in the space of time and live in the present, the past and the future, but in reality there is only time to be present. The task of leaving the momentary time as an image in the form of an image is photography. Shutter speed is a very important thing in the world of a moment and it is an important material for photographers. To capture a moment in a world full of nature is a very difficult task for beginners.
  2. I bought a Nikon SLR camera in June of this year and practiced photography, but in the end I learned that the work of the shooting itself is deeply innovative. As for the quality of the image of a personal picture for me, I like the work of photographing a subject captured with a contrasted contrasting contour. A photograph as an expression method leaving a work of art is a method to leave one trace for me and above all, it is the most important thing in life. I think that the cost of all the equipment of the camera at the moment is about 10,000 dollars or more. It consists of one computer, one camera, two strobes, three lenses and a battery one.
  3. As an important point in shooting with telephoto lenses, it is becoming easier to understand recently that it is best to prioritize the aperture value. I learned recently that noise caused by photographs is caused by poor control of the aperture value and shutter speed. I think that what comes out when thinking about the composition of a photograph is sensitivity and creativity originally owned by a photographer. I strongly hope to leave a form of my own new photo.
  4. It is necessary to input the technical terms of the camera and model number etc. firmly as the knowledge in the head and it is now at the stage of stepping up from beginner to intermediate level. I used to draw oil paintings but I was looking for artistic expression that made use of that technique and finally I finally found out the way of photography.
  5. I always thought that I would like to keep taking pictures with a big theme of life and decided to close the curtain to life like an oil painting era that I had simply written landscape paintings.

I think that common things in the art world express well and indirectly the feelings of appealing something. In the future there is a feeling that I would like to act as a photographer, but I think that it is actually difficult but I want to try hard without giving up.

As a way to study photographs I think that it is correct that I did not choose a way to simply go to school by teaching me how to study at a computer’s video site at home. I think that it is learning at home that one wants to think as a way to learn for modern people. It is easy for today’s modern people to make good use of it in learning it well in a world connected by the huge network called the Internet. However, we also do not forget the concept of serving for someone, I think that I think that I must think about work in terms of living.

To communicate something to someone using sentences, videos or images is meant to be important to the people of the world today. Just by changing the position of a little camera angle, the feeling of the world of photography changes very much. What I have to think about when using a telephoto lens is not the aperture value but the shutter speed and I think it is the position of the background composition. I have a realization that today’s modern people can easily transmit things that I want to convey by images, videos and sentences via the Internet to the world.

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