Raw vegetables

It is better to eat raw vegetables than to simmer and eat vegetables

  1. I made a stir-fry last night, but I had fried until I softened the vegetables, and I did not feel well in the bowel movement this morning. If the food is softened, the digestive system will not be burdened but it will not actually be comfortable. Anyway, I think it is best to take an early dinner and take an early dinner by taking a walk or taking a light aerobic exercise. I want to cook potatoes, but the vegetables sold in the city are expensive and it is difficult to buy a lot of vegetables. I am getting bored with cooking pork and vegetables fried every night and I often want to eat other dishes sometimes. My current condition is that I do not eat processed foods at all and avoid foods containing artificial seasoning as much as possible. However, white rice is delicious, but he is careful about consuming too much carbohydrates and regularly thinks about a rest day.

  2. Yogurt and curry if I get paid

  3. I want to cook myself even if I become an old man and want to enjoy myself. I think that the awareness that there is no safety in the food that has been circulating around the world is not wrong because the topic of recent days is that the number of serious illness announcements for celebrities is increasing. It is because I have not decided on a job yet, and now I am preparing for my own time and I want to be in good shape. I want to take yogurt to eat more good bacteria and want to eat my favorite curry, but I’m thinking of patience a little more.

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