Reading has the effect of inviting sleep well


Reading has the effect of inviting sleep

Last night I watched TV for about 3 hours, but I was not interesting at all and my eyes were tired and I could not go to sleep. I analyze that it is not good to watch TV before going to bed because it is because eyes are tired and brain does not work. I got up in about 3 hours, and after watching a late-night TV program, I felt like my body became strangely hard and I felt bad. At that time I went to bed with the bible that I had on my desk, started to light the stand light and started reading. I was a Christian and baptized baptism was at the time of the New Year of 2013 and it was just this time. I feel the speed of the flow of time when I become a Christian and think that time has passed for six years or more. I am in need of mental stability for my present unstable mental state, and whenever I do, I read the Bible, prayed to God and listened to God for wishes. I think that it is the cause of the way of my judgment and thinking up until now not to lead to a good result, and I feel that I should not repeat my mistakes again.

The importance of distinguishing between the way that suits you and the way that does not suit you

I keep in mind to think about what to do in case of failure, solutions, and other options, because you must be calm. So I recognize that being overoptimized is dangerous and I understand the significance of insurance and I look at myself objectively. Of course, if things go according to what you think you will feel better and it will be the best, but thinking about things is not a loss, it is a fact that the ideal and the reality are different. It is a hope if we can live the life as a challenger and live in the recognition that the present time is not the end point of life but always at the passing point. Even if I can not get a job, I think that the second option is considered and if it is the result within the assumption I will not be surprised that I can live the future well. Believe in yourself and believe in God in certain words in various thoughts. How can I raise scarcity value I want to try hard to see the movement of the world and I want everyone to do it.

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