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Mormon’s teachings

I do not feel anything about the current situation of developed countries that keep buying and just trying to turn the economic cycle.

I remove stress every day with the feeling that I want to do something.

I have a strong desire to be freed from the spell of having to help someone else’s life.

I do not want to think that I should just make money and I may want to secure free space until the end.

For human beings, success means to enjoy freedom and to love oneself.

I simply can not introduce the gadget I’m not interested in and make a living to earn advertising fees and live.

We recognize that the Bible teaching that we already have happiness just by knowing the true meaning is correct.

Next week’s job interview is just the 10th and all the companies that have applied so far are rejected.

I’m trying to transform my life’s vector with some degree of planning and accurate analysis.

I am accepting everything and not believing while I publish various ideas and theories on the Internet.

What I can believe is God’s teaching, and I understand that there is a big gap between my thoughts in the world and my own thoughts.

I am now thinking about studying alone or developing a business in my studio apartment room.

However, what I personally understood recently is that there is an appropriate way of life and direction for each life.

There are many things that are likely to be crushed by self hate, but I have myself in mind control.

We all live in a stance of pursuing only profit and not interested in the invisible.

Should I just continue to live alone without trying to obtain material things?

It is true that there is myself who is addicted to the lives of the masses trying to keep increasing their balances.

I continue to work for something invisible and the people around me devalue me.

To what extent will people feel better if they keep avoiding pain and soak in pleasure?

It may be alive that I have the fate that I will no longer have a place to go back and I will be a fool who walks without aptitude.

I already know that everyone is desperately earning money, enjoying life and running away from pain.

I was able to understand the answer from time to time and I would like to share it with everyone.

I think human beings are mere meat and the soul should be evaluated.

Reading and sleeping every night on the loft in the apartment I try to understand the teachings of the New Testament.

I got an email from the company I interviewed last night and I received a notification of rejection.

I realized that I should be really like a Van Gogh and I felt strange joy last night.

I thought that I would like to do a work that I like and be interested in. I was convinced that this was all the guidance of God.

I had a strange sense of bondage and I didn’t try to follow my heart and I might have denied me.

I think it would be nice to feel at the most freedom in your one-time life and enjoy your joy.

It is a fact that there is a gap between the ordinary company employee’s human thought and my god-loving faith, and the dimension is different.

While we understand that things like scarcity, foresight and logical thinking are important, we give priority to real problems.

I think what I really need is theoretical thinking ability, the working of the Holy Spirit against God, and passive interpersonal attitude.

We’re making our hearts soaring in the same lifestyle rhythm this weekend.

There is surely something that can not be helped, and I am trying to admit my own loss.

I think that I should feel positive about the act and attitude of giving up and I feel pleasure in feeling freedom now.

In various countries in the world, various events occur and everyone lives away from stress while dealing with confusion.

Everyone is alive with the desire to do adventures while feeling bored and annoyed with the same people, landscapes and work.

People are naturally aware that you should be satisfied in a certain cost performance and enjoy in a narrow community.

But I am always hungry for new things, encounters, people, goals and dreams.

It is a reality that is such an excuse for my insatiable search and adventurous spirits and forbids me.

I do not have a separate relationship with Youtubers who travel abroad and enjoy life.

In a room of silence I work hard to feel a sense of space, emptiness, loneliness, my own existence, life and death every day.

I grew up surrounded by rural pig farms and waste dumps, so I used to find hope in mass media information from a long time ago.

In a relaxed family environment without tension, I will be absolutely a bad person and I decided to break the line with my family.

If I grew up living with sympathizers I think that I was alive with dreams and I was surrounded by opportunities.

I want to warn you that it is not a bad thing to divorce because of the inconsistencies in your personality and that it is absolutely impossible to endure yourself.

I think that it is right to trust in things that are somewhat passively interpersonally communicating and immobile with human whims.

I have decided to change the direction of my life when the job interview of the remaining 4 companies results in a failure.

I’m thinking of options for myself and I’m determined that I never want to constrain my life choices.

It’s legitimate that society is not convinced of my thinking of playing human beings like Tom Cruise.

Humans are not all-purpose or dexterous enough to link economic stress with the pursuit of art.

I decide the plan for my life 60 years, I think I’ll try to make a decision by calculating back from the goal to the present.

I will propose that it is a fact that the people who simply do not support the medium or human beings and are not genuine are the masses.

I think you should be a rare pokemon and not a small fish.

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