Have you ever thought of self appearance in further future? Plus you ought to careful of death? You may say that I couldn’t imagine so that actually. Everyday I cant afford to overthink about tomorrow to envision anything, everyone cares of current situation to survive on social contents. I agree with it. What pain means for me is maybe kind of physical comfortable so directly I think. So usual people have remembered such as physical comfortably things which does have deliciously dine or outdoor, or having sex, or get an alcohol, using renewal things or something like that, we are totally take an influence from social medias or stupidly rumors somehow. But you know it doesn’t work on right there for us to make sense. Being realistic person is saving sulfone from bad communities or anything like huge advertisements. I try to ask myself when I loosing way to living in modern society or getting some frustration from social medias. It is very disappointed in myself that to lose motivation and I scary to do that really. Then my logical idea is supposed to seek for another informations to compare gap between my misunderstanding knowledge and reality. Basically it must not allow to focus on untruly informations they lied on social network. The point of this sentence is analyzing anything before understand any knowledges every times. Sometimes I think that I’m going to invent historic things which all people never thought that. But this is absolute non sense to us and same times I am disappoint myself when I trying to remember how to be famous person as a dreamer, not realistic person. Looking at where people crowning on dirty streets, our human’s kind of habit is wanting same humanity type and suppose to make the number of group somehow. You never allow to be brainwashed form social medias and it’s my kind of warning for saving sense of value. There are different type between us and each senses are not going to match as smoothly, I mean that it’s difference between graced ideal and harshly realities to us. A matter of trouble is finally mind controlling anywhere anytime, we’re not able to keep hiding real intentions where in front of public places. Especially thing which celebrities always are protecting privacies from mass medias. I can’t explain about how to see through in chaotic world but we would have tasted such as sweetly honey of life. I understand such an emotional content which some people tend to escape from reality. There is pros and cons, no answer in  this world. Someday we all life is finish, our think that to try digest any desires whatever we want. It means obey motion and realistic might be fade away from us since when begin to careless coolness, reference examples more and more. There is one in lifetime isn’t it? such a people expecting miracle when to face the crisis situation every times, after failed they suppose to not looking forward to seeing bright future. Self emotion always hinder our way to natural activities I guess and we gonna be tried to self human growth. An infant is always emotional and growing adults is always logically thinking cuz they were leaned failures. We never allow to repeat mistakes. It will be exchanged days if you were rethink and look back on the whole past.

It will be fine if intend to follow the procedure and to make upfront investment for future. Therefore you don’t need to obey such a dignities to careful of stable orientations. There are advantages and disadvantages in our life system I think. So I don’t think it will be able to take only advantages and that’s kind of natural phenomenon. In my case that I can take a lot of advantages which I don’t must have worried about money cuz I abandon luxury and just try not to spend money everyday. surely I take a lot of disadvantages to take advantages at same time. 

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