Room borrower

Room borrower

Room borrower in Japan

I am looking for international students who want to stay in Japan.
Milk has soared to $ 1.50 each.
My feelings of advocating for distressed students and homeless people are full of justice.
I like the British movie All or nothing.
The depiction of the upper class society is worthless.
What I remember in winter is the British bath and cold British dining kitchen room that I used while studying in England.
Living because I think others should be on my way because they are others.
I don’t have any managerial experience so it’s difficult to provide a room free for boarders.
There are various arrangements that must be made before accepting boarders, as foreigners have to make identification and house fire insurance arrangements.

It is absolutely reasonable value for foreign Room borrower in Japan

I don’t mind accepting white or black Room borrower, but my city is only Asian or Indian.
You need to know the number of days you stay and check your lifestyle.
I think that public sports grounds can be used for moderate exercise, and that citizen foreigners can also use them.
The way to discount boarders’ rent is to make them appear on Youtube videos.
One video on Youtube can save 5% of your stay.

First time to accept foreign Room borrower

If the number of YouTube video playbacks goes well, you can continue to appear on the Youtube video, further reducing your stay.
That’s a commission system.
Because it is a wooden apartment home, it is a difficult lodging for foreigners who are not used to the cold floor in winter.
I want to put a sofa on the floor like in the UK, but I don’t have enough budget.
There is no TV set at home.
I’m not a person watching TV, I’m collecting information on the internet and I don’t need newspapers.
I want the boarders to have freedom and privacy, so I won’t interfere and I will be tolerant of foreign cultures.
I’m an artist and not a businessman, so I can’t agree with the story of making money.

I suggest Room borrower

1 1day $5 2 7days $30 3 1 month $150

Please feel free to contact us for the time being.

you can follow me, if you want

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