Red ocean


Red ocean

There is no blue ocean.
Everyone wants to dive into Red Ocean.
When a successful person appears, they imitate the successful person.
It no longer means throwing away originality and success.
Blue Ocean is a new land and undeveloped land.
The blue ocean exists by making new things for yourself.

Good suspicion and dissatisfaction

If there is a sense of security, you cannot succeed.
I find it painful to find a way to express myself.
Creative activities can be enjoyed if expressed according to successful cases and ancient methods.
But it’s not a success.
There are many stories that turn a failed work into a successful one.

Development conditions for my own Blue Ocean

1. Single animation production on Youtube
2. Japanese and Western style animation design and composition
3. English dubbing unique to Japanese people
4. 0 views
5. Message to future generations
6. Depiction of genitals

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