Refugee application


I think that the best way to help many refugee people is to donate. I donate ten dollars a month at a time and I have to donate to various charities from now on. The movement that is going on in the United States where the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are in conflict is the number of young people voting. It is true that helping refugee people is the first to help but it is also true that they did not solve the fundamental problem by helping them. The policy of the trump regime, namely priority of domination, is not correct though the global economy exists because all countries become rich, but the policies of the Democratic Party are not all correct. From the perspective of one Asian who lives in Asian countries, I think that the biggest concern of immigrant power is regulation of immigration. Speaking of what refugees stuck here near the border of Mexico and the United States probably wants to work.

As prescribed by President Trump, the US is trying to prevent the entry of refugees by deploying 5,600 troops near the border. In the former Democratic Party regime the acceptance of refugees was tolerant but it certainly caused some people from refugees in the United States to commit crimes. I personally think that foreign countries other than the United States should adopt a posture to accept refugees. Of course, accepting refugees is a burden on the part of the accepting country, which is of course affected by daily lives. While understanding domestic circumstances that you do not want to have refugee problems further while domestic and foreign problems are enormous, everyone can not ignore refugee’s suffering appearance. The world that can live in the spirit of the whole world helping each other is really ideal but it is an economic problem that we must think as a real problem. I think that the middle election in the United States eventually won the Republican victory and more than half of Americans are supporters of the Republican Party and will be their own priority.

We should consider what people from foreign countries other than America can do for all their refugees. I think that it is necessary to actually play a role of revitalizing refugees’ country’s economy, thinking that it is useless just to actually encourage words.

It is an opinion of an amateur’s view that it is necessary to investigate what export products and cultures of Central and South American countries such as Guatemala and Honduras are and it is necessary to grasp the trade market. I do not really know whether they will be able to go to the United States or Mexico or will they return to their home country, but their refugee’s true intention will be immigration to the US and the American Democratic Party will only have to wait for permission for refugee application. As an individual’s story I think that they can accept their refugees pleasantly and live together and I would like to take in their national culture and lifestyle and the view of life.

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