Refugee in Paris

First of all, I would like to let you know why am I write it about this topic.

I am not discriminate them who’s refugees in this world and not being racist.

The Paris impression for me

  • In 2012 30 august to 8 September I have been to Paris for ten days as traveler.
  • Actually that was first euro tip for me and such a traditional building and historical landscapes were totally amazed impact I was in shock.
  • There is a lot of plenty and differ race living in Paris and then I thought France is a kind of immigrant nation as likely America.

Black people in Paris

  • They all black people are living in Paris for white people is nothing to concern?
  • I mean that probably black people came from each African nations which mother language is French as first or second language.
  • I think they are originally admiring such a euro culture or something like that.
  • Because I agree with it and I understand their purpose to get permanent resident visa of French.

Slum area

  • Have you ever seen such a slum area in Paris before?
  • In fact I’ve had seen such as things in Paris.
  • I am not exactly sure that they living in tent or siting on the street as illegal refugees.
  • But I think that’s true.
  • Honestly there are so many refugees in Paris and they almost black race.
  • Little bitt it makes me annoy sometimes cause I had bad experience with a black person.
  • Look at French sport players
  • I wanna take this sentence to congratulate for winning final match of soccer World Cup.
  • Then I noticed that there is almost French players are Black or Arabian and I can see it that it was seem to look like minority race about White.
  • Basically I can afford to anticipate it why are they became a sport player as French immigrator.
  • From perspective of differ race, nation, asian that it is kind of uncommon team construction.
  • White is white. Black is black. Asian is asian.
  • However European’s look like white, caucasianBlack people are also European
  • Maybe it is complicate story what their background of history between European and African I know.

United state of Africa

United state of Israel

United state of turkey

I am absolutely hoping that it will resolved problems with refugees.

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