The year has changed

It may be a topic that is of little interest to people around the world as an international topic, but in Japan one big event was encountered. The year of Japan was named Heisei and has been used for 30 years now, but it has changed to a new year from April of this year. The name of Japan’s new year has been reduced and it so called that reiwa. Most Japanese people were not expecting it, so I could not expect it at all, and it was the name of a surprising year.

April Fool

An honest vague event April Fool’s Day is not my favorite day and I simply don’t like to lie or joke about mischief. April Fool’s Day is a must-have for serious people who always want to be honest and serious.

At that time in 1989, thirty years ago, the economy was very booming in Japan. Before the year of Heisei was the year of Showa, but most foreigners would not know. I am very happy this year because the World Championships of Judo and Rugby will be held in Japan. I want to live with the feeling of trying to start over again while trying to reach one turning point. It is not a hypocritical statement that the desire to be absolutely happy in the end is not a hypocritical statement, but we want to grow while. I was planning to have a job interview today but now I will have a job interview next Tuesday. Although I was able to pass the documentary screening, I am actually going to receive the second screening of the next interview, but I do not know if there is actually a third screening. I have heard that it takes about two months to get a job at a large company, but it is actually the first time for me to go to the hiring exam for a long time. I hope it would be better to gather more information and connect to the next step this week.

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