Hassle thing, relate with some people who doesn’t like you is very very hassle and stressful, badly.
Take for example, have you ever heard the nation United States.
Well, I am not an American, if you are an American, please hear me.
I was crazing for America and American nation’s style anyway, it was about 9years ago.
Why I liked that is Hollywood films, entertains were made me changed mind and sense.
I started to study English language since from 2008 when I was in capital city.
ABCDEFG…..Z, 26 words were kind of classic for myself, and was working on for 3 years.
3 years later, I was stopped to study English. Because my best friend told me that the most important thing in this world is lovely relate with people who loves you very much.
Let me take an imagination, eventually I have no best friends in us, nobody cares of me there, my English is going to be useless in any situation. About social security, insurance, guns, race, policy, what do I gonna do in us?
if you try to act in front of them as a nice person, that is not easy to keep behaving yourself for a long time. You gonna get exhausted mentality, that is relationship, very hard for us.

Today, I looked up blue sky heigh. I thought such as complex things as taking educations at institution.
What I have freedom is proud myself cause so far I’ve had getting it through any situation, I say hello to my neighborhoods, coworkers, people who doesn’t know about me, some people who hate me. That is hard for me and wanna avoid it. But I don’t know how to explain about my current feeling, god lets us try to make smile in front of miller and think of swallow. there is one bridge between each two persons, some bridge is built up already, some bridge is almost broken down, how’s build and fix bridge? After divorce one time, fight, dispute, it is absolutely difficult. You seem agree with it. Once I was admired us people, part of them in us I heard breaking news by bbc were about gun shoots. Someone has killed people by guns. Is it Hollywood’s studio film’s happening? Accident?
kissing is westerner’s kind culture and I think kissing is best way of fixing relationship of bridge. I am not sure that can be kissing anyone is messing for themselves. From now on, I am going to post this blog page about humanity, and connected with art work pictures.
I try to speak to myself, please not embarrassing kiss appearance, image of beauty Hollywood’s actress.
I don’t call actual name this time.

Patient!! Patient!! Whoever!! Whoever!!

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