Relationship between supply and demand



Relationship between supply and demand

The consumer will burn supply by pursuing the benefit of the supplier. Suppliers spend money on the goods and services offered to consumers for their own benefit. Suppliers must consider how to increase the added value of products. It is possible to widen the difference with the same trader depending on whether the added value or rarity value of the supplier himself is raised. I myself have never studied marketing personally, but I must know the origins of these essential businesses.
I thought about how I can add value to what I am trying to product. Certainly there is a tool that anyone using SNS to inform the people of the whole world. But for example I could post images on Facebook almost every day on Facebook for 3 years Sometimes no button was pushed by anyone at all. I realized when I had to analyze my reasons and reasons why I can not press a button like a favorite on Facebook. It is also important to build something like brand value to attract public attention and to make good use of SNS. One strategy that allows you to attach followers by trying different images and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are world-famous popular applications.
I myself uploaded dozens of times on YouTube, but I know the reason why the number of views does not grow at all and I do not simply give funny movies after all. Things you need to make a upfront investment can show you the traces of the effort you’ve come up with so far by giving your videos, and you can also show blogs that additional value will be born. It is something you must tightly distinguish between what you can and what you can not do with firm grasp of your potential potential.
The camera equipment I want now is one camera full-size body, two strobes, one monofocal lens, one wide-angle lens and two lights. I want to prepare the minimum necessary equipment of the camera by undertaking a job as a photographer and I think that this is a kind of upfront investment, so there is no hesitation against it. As I mentioned at the beginning, I would like to secure professional photographers’ necessary knowledge and experience and professional equipment considering the satisfaction of consumers.
I guess that everyone wants to find something that is excited and wanted to get out of daily bored everyday life. What everyone wants is a new world of overwhelming roads over spiritual peace.
What I’m about to do now is that a rural Texas boy living in the United States will play an actor at an actor training school while playing bite at the bar in the city of Quincy, New York. I’m refusing to be afraid anyway because I want that feeling of jumping into a new world and feeling of excitement. There are things like existing concepts and fixed concepts that everyone has meaning I think that I feel like I’m trying to tie my life and I am losing it.
I think that it may be good to aim for a goal for success on a detour road. I feel that being timid and cautious is an important thing and successful people are avoiding the risk.

Subject Model Wanted

I am recruiting people living in Japan who are aiming for professional model and will cooperate as volunteer for portrait photography

Application condition

  • People who are okay to upload to YOUTUBE or blog
  • People who cooperate free of charge(Volunteer activities)
  • Men and women OK
  • No age limit
  • No nationality restrictions
  • No race restrictions
  • Even without model experience okay
  • Foreigners who can not speak Japanese are fine


Detailed overview

Currently I am an amateur photographer aiming to be a professional photographer.
I have a camera history of 8 months and I have some knowledge of the camera and I can do a portrait as it is.
I am studying every day in self-study without studying at a camera vocational school.
It is very troubling because there is no subject model necessary for practicing portrait shooting if it is a style studying alone.
Anyway, I have to practice a lot of model shooting and I can not approach the professional photographer ‘s technology and now I’d like to practice focusing on portrait shooting anyway.
I am afraid of free photography cooperation but I think that it is a very good opportunity for those who are aiming for professional model.
Basically you can choose pictures to upload to SNS.
Of course, those who are not aiming for a professional model are okay, but those who do not like being upgraded to SNS can not apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact me :]

Thank you

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