Rental housing

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Rental housing

I just would love to choose the way to feel freedom in lifetime.
General people may say it that it must make an excuse to strictly law or something like it.
Well I just don’t wanna commit something for stably.

Rent is more stable than home

You know what there are conditions to lead a fulfilling life as a challenger.
How is your theory of living your life?
It would be unacceptable for someone who already had a home loan
But you know what I am saying to you that rent is more stable than home.

Loves free status without debt

I hoping that I will be able to try anything for brightly lifetime until death.
And then I would say it that I recommend you to let your honestly to be honest anytime.

It is actually highly cost monthly

Monthly $1000 house loan repayment is hard and can’t be invested because of a dream.
It is difficult to live a life that can be very challenging because there is fire insurance and property tax payment of the house.
Surely anyone has something disadvantages to living in life as same as usual employees.

Stay in an apartment until you build a large asset

Well I guess what we are supposed to build a large asset to living life after retirement you know.
Basically you don’t have to preserve such as stably lifestyle in the young age.
I think youth is the time to sow the seeds of life’s success isn’t it?
However I don’t deny the way to commit own family or household, there are plenty lifestyles in this world.

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