Repeated regeneration and destruction

Repeated regeneration and destruction

Creative activity is a repetitive work of regeneration and destruction.
In other words, it is the work of making new things and breaking new things.
It is important to maintain a situation where only new things are always present.
But that’s a very difficult story.
If you simply keep arranging old things, it’s easy to create.
However, I recommend that you choose a difficult path instead of an easy one.
You should throw away your past favorites.
I understand that it is the secret to sustaining the cause.

Let’s destroy the work

It’s always hard to make new animation frames.
However, I have chosen to be patient and destroy the work without storing it.
Naturally, the work progress will be delayed.
Prioritizing work from the beginning rather than arranging it.
I have decided not to use the same frame for more than 3 days.
It’s just a boring thing about your personality and old things.
Creating backgrounds and portraits many times is tedious.
But I recognize the modern-day creator’s omission as a bad example.
I keep reaffirming the meaning of continuing my small daily work.
It is customary to make animations every morning without a break.

Making things

It is based on active musicians and actors over the age of 60.
They are always absorbing new things.
I prefer to contact younger people than myself.
And I think that attitude extends the active period.
Making things is a repetition of learning, challenges and tedious tasks.
Everyone is working while sleeping until late afternoon on Sunday.
That means widening the scarcity gap.
Making things doesn’t mean repeating simple tasks.
I want to find new ideas while always thinking.
You can recognize that the opportunity is for everyone to have fun.

Violence is unrealistic

Although it destroys the work, it does not destroy things in the real world.
But everyone is doing the opposite.
I would like to express the depiction of a lonely human being seeking mental stability.
No dramatic event happens every day.
There is no need to distract the boring nature of everyday life.
But people want unrealistic and emotional emotions.
You cannot express well unless you create it with a sense of normality.

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