Ask for a new place to live a better life

I think that everyone is thinking about various ways from day to day to live a good life. To go out to the city to make a career up is never a wrong choice but I wonder if I can live happily in the city. I have been convinced for years that I can never be happy even if secular success is achieved. I feel that I must also be aware that seeking temporary pleasure is not a very efficient process. I think that their feelings that the countries of the developing countries are trying to become emerging countries are taking care that economic success is happy.

Simply changing the environment can not change life. Even if the scenery of the city and people change, it is impossible for me to live my life nicely. I am convinced that the attitude of serving society through economic activities will surely be for the future. I think that productive human activities will make people understand the true meaning of happiness. I think the theory that I am trying to make the profits of the people of the world is not wrong. It is nonsense to think only for pursuit of my own interests as a basis of business. I think that I will be in good direction in the future by providing high quality products to someone.

I think that the superiority of human superiority is never a good thing. I think things like superiority will degrade humans. I am careful that it will not become pessimistic when it becomes extremely optimistic. I think that we should just strive to fulfill our role at all times.

Recently I have not been expecting overseas because my way of thinking overseas has changed. I do not care about that label that the general public decided so much, and that kind of thing is just a secular light idea. I think there is a big difference between the actual things being reported on newspapers and television and the workplace. Once you got the information, it is important that you process it yourself and correct it again correctly. There is no guarantee that accurate correct information should be accurately judged and living human beings actually write real things in articles. I think that it is good if the person actually reading the blog article I am writing judges without permission. As a reliable human being, it is not anonymous at first, and I think that everyone has high credibility as much as it is famous.

From the extreme point of view I escaped from the idea of where I can be happy if I go to where. I was always dissatisfied with the land I was raised up but in fact it was a mistake. I think that we can think that we are alive according to the scenario that God made. I think that each person’s preference is different and that thought is unchanging for the rest of my life I think that I can cope with things well. I feel like I have to judge what I am facing and not suitable for me. Things like human injuries and illnesses like so-called obstacles are always the times. I feel like we are being racetracked for some desire. If everyone can do a pleasant work with a high wage I think that there is nothing so happy. Everyone seeks economic success and makes hard work everyday.

I do not know who is in the world of 7.6 billion people who care about each existence. With repeated repetition of joy, sorrow and anger feelings we think something day by day. Everyone is under various circumstances and I myself do not know how to advise. It is irresponsible even if I say simply try hard and I can not afford to do economic assistance myself. I myself have no feeling of selling information materials. I myself are just doing this blog as a hobby and myself so. There is no final form in human life. Human being satisfied with material things should be satisfied and I am not so. I want you to remember that there is no final form.

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