Five elements to succeed in life

Every generation of people in all ages seeks economic success and gains fame. Every time everyone gets older they will realize something like the meaning of various lives. The big people will come to think about what they did not think about as children. I am aware that I do not grow myself with everyday simple work but most people think that I do not notice it. Because I do not agree with the general public’s way of thinking.

If there are more than three of five elements you say you can succeed in your life. Humans that apply to the items below can succeed.

  1. Outstanding personality with outstanding appearance
  2. Intelligent person who originally has high IQ
  3. Human being rich in artistry such as photography and music
  4. Humans blessed with good fortune under any circumstances
  5. The parents house is close to the city center

I want you to think about the common points of people you know. I would like you to analyze the common parts of successful people. Successful people always have elements that can succeed. And I want you to analyze your parents. Unfortunately I do not think I can succeed in my life. I am not a good-looking style, style is also bad, IQ is low, and head rotation is bad. Although I am interested in art, I am not rich enough of artistic skill and I am. I have no experience lucky enough to be called a miracle. Everything in my life all the time there are always causes. My family home is in the country, and there are no colleges, junior colleges or good companies at all there. That means I have only elements that I can not succeed. This is a sad story, but it is certainly not rewarded by effort alone. It is quite likely that parental economic power will determine the future of children. Human beings with economic power always have elements that can succeed. It is very important to see ourselves objectively. The ideal world that I draw in my dreams is just an illusion. So in extreme terms human beings are all determined by fate.

Everyone follows the ideal world, but in reality it’s impossible. It has been known recently that it is important for humans to analyze themselves by themselves, which is sometimes unsuitable for them.

All things are decided by God. I understand that it is meaningless for everyone to hate their parents. I think it is important to sort out what we can and what we can not do in this single life. In other words, it is to see your own limit.

. I hate my face

. I do not dislike my thighs

. I hate my introverted character

. I disgust with the poor rotation of my head

. I hate short bodies of my limbs

. I was a student when I had never sat next to my favorite girl

. The family home is not a majestic country town surrounded by special nature

. Family relationship is messed up

After all I know that spilling various bitches will not solve anything. For myself who are blessed with everything, there are many moments when my life no longer matters. So it is also a good idea that these negative thinking can see the reality. I am not tired of living, but I feel like something like living vitality is gone. Because I know that I can not succeed in my life after all. Wandering around somewhere in search of spiritual healing will be stupid. I will not be able to heal all the words that success is not everything. Still I should continue to chase my dreams or give up I am a little bit worried. At the same time I am shaking between calm and passion. All the places and places you currently live are decided by fate. Just thinking I’m just trying to do my best on my own. It is no wonder not to be surprised by the result so much as it knows the result. I think I will live in a more realistic world. I think that I can not do more than just fantasizing the fictional world. It is impossible to marry or make a child because it is impossible to succeed a decent gene. It depends on how you perceive that reality is sad or happy.

It is important to see themselves objectively from a theoretical point of view. The mechanism of the world will only become to become. To say a beautiful thing is probably like making a blank feeling.

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