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Retire soon

Retire soon

Everyone will retire soon.
What that?
Their minds say it was for a moment of mental pleasure.
I’m tired of the cycle of getting up, eating and sleeping.
Don’t charge for excitement.
But I want to get excited.
Who is the person who is inviting excitement?
What is changing your extraordinary spirit?
Don’t just do one thing.
It is learned from the theory of continuous cropping.
You must constantly change your habits and behaviors little by little.
I can’t do anything to people.
You can only carry your luggage instead.
But if that was enough, I stopped seeking a strange cause.
It cannot be asserted that the information in the articles written in the mass media is completely correct.
It’s not a false alarm, it’s not an accurate number.
There are various evaluations for what is reflected in the field of view.
If I give the same rating as them, I will be disappointed with myself.
On the other hand, I am disappointed in the fact that I am disappointed.
I have no choice but to read to avoid the testimony of human beings like unthinking animals.
If you do not change your values, you may soon retire.

Three elements to prevent retirement.

1 trip
2 dialogue
3 reading

The theme is to change the sense of values.
If you change your values, you can get different values ​​from the general public.
That’s a way to escape the path of ordinary people who will retire in a few years.
Travel, dialogue or reading is the only way to change values.
For me, traveling is a walk in the neighboring town.
There is no dialogue.
There is no one to talk to.
It doesn’t make sense for me to interact with others who are connected in a relationship that pretends to be false.
The effect is produced by interacting with friends who can talk badly and jokes with each other.
It is useless to go to weird enlightenment seminars and lectures for a fee.
It’s a waste.
I am convinced that it is best to peruse good books for free using the library’s public property sharing system.

Active duty without progress or change is equal to retirement

The repeated process of making and breaking is an interesting part of human activity.
I get tired of old things and working in the same place.
As a result, he retires.
The ordered person wants to retire.
There is no progress in exchange-related activities.
My hobby is not the position of giving, but the position of receiving.
The person in the position of receiving gives the living expenses to the person in the position of giving.
I am giving money, not impression.
And I stop my creative activities if I judge that I’m not making progress.
Immediately go out to the library or for a walk and concentrate on dispelling stereotypes.
Before you leave home, you have to find a clear task to plan and decide on your destination.
If the problem is found, you can know what to do and reactivate.
The joy of being able to reactivate is the joy of preventing retirement.

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