Retirement is not the goal of life


Retirement is not the goal of life

Everyone lives with their own conflicts and troubles
I also have jealousy, but do proper analysis again and keep normal mind

How long should it be necessary to continue production activities?
I am watching Yahoo news every day
New issues and information are being sent out by various information agencies each time
There is no day without problems just like our lives

Peaceful days

I think it’s wonderful to live with ambition
It feels great to keep on pursuing art
But what is happiness?
I feel like the problem is increasing as the world’s population is increasing.


People suffering from a completely saturated mental state
People wandering for stimulation
People who believe that they are correct and keep making decisions

I do not want to stay alive in a competitive society
Non-Sustainable Community Service is Nonsense
Service work for the benefit has the same value as the robot’s work

There is no perfect nation

Demographics of countries around the world
Economic circumstances of countries around the world
People who migrate overseas and introduce the new country’s circumstances
But humans are bored creatures
In addition, humans wander for the next stimulus
I think I should be satisfied just by living

Bread and Coffee Milk Under $ 1
Do not buy any clothes
I continue to use torn socks and underwear

Should all of life be dedicated to production activities?
Isn’t the obligation to pay to go away?

Northeast Asian state seeking wealth and honor
European countries working on solutions to global environmental problems
Maintain the current status of the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Oceania

My complaints and everyone’s complaints are different
And everyone buys to solve their complaints
Everyone is tired of living

It will not matter if you complain
The morning breeze greets the morning breeze and the city wakes up
A boring life is a form of happiness
We should try to thank for the painful and boring life

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