I think that those who continue to spend their entire life after all eventually reach the area of happiness. And I also think humans are greedy to love is something that instincts like merely breeding instincts are describing. I believe that it has never been wrong that I decided to abandon everything and walk a new life as I thought that I can not increase myself in the environment where things are overflowing. The figure of a human who has a challenge is so dynamic that he is full of fulfillment and motivation rises when it sees such a person. I wrote illustration to impress people around the world, took picture, made videos and converted my passion into someones consciousness.

Some people compare life as gambling, but it seems to be pessimistic about life. It is not a gambling action to make a big challenge in terms of more concrete tactics and certain achievements and skills, even if we lose it temporary, we will do it again and make daily efforts toward the next challenge again I wonder if I should go. This is what I advocate over and over, but again to say again, happiness in life is neither material nor a warm human mind way. I am happy that there is something to do. People who are accepted by the general public are real people and those who have feelings like inevitable after all are convinced that they will not get successful people who are recognized in the world. I always try not to satisfy my desires and always keep a state like emptiness in my heart. There is such a good story that most people can not make a lot of money basically, first of all, the absolute reason is only thinking about your own interests. The obsession for financial matters is a mind that never leads to earning money. If you say why everyone works, I am working to earn money but absolutely I can not make a lot of money in the future. In other words, they do not do work that doesnt lead to profit. It means that if you continue to make an unprofitable effort as you dont have to lead to profits, it will lead to a job that will surely lead to greater profits. This will find a rewarding thing in all. I am currently working on unprofitable things because there are reasons to think that it is a forward investment in the future and I spend time and money and live in front while saving every day. Of course writing a blog like this does not make a profit and I am writing this blog because I can overcome tough every day by writing a sentence that enhances motivation. The other is because I want to bechance some English ability of writing.

Anyway, it is not good if you think at the outset at first, Monetary desire will not lead to success. Last night I thought people from all over the world were excited with halloween but I kept efforts at that time and was working on photo editing. Its still too early for me to join and enjoy those events. I am watching videos of people with rewarding and I would like to recommend seeing such videos. Also recommend to read a lot of self development books. The common point is to have a challenge if you think carefully and I think there is no overwhelming obsession with money for such people. The interests of those people are probably not a monetary benefit but a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of fulfillment after challenging and succeeding and feeling appreciated by a person. Brad Pitt has a famous cool self, damn you fame. I think that probably as a way of people with a strong religious spirit will not live with monetary obsession. Basically I am a capitalist and a socialist but the first title is liberal. There are so many people in the world that I still have a lot of things I dont know so I would love to see more people and see me. I myself are still preparing to flapping towards the world and I will try my best not to spare not effort on a daily basis. While organizing information in the dramatically changing world situation every day, while still wanting to live in the field of art aiming for height.

. Try looking at yourself 30 years later

. Make sure to wear tightly

. Always keep the field of view wide

. Pouring love to those who are aiming for something more than addicts

You see, small stacking of days becomes a mountain of great success.

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