Right place & Right time

Right place Right time

I have misunderstood the law of success so far, I thought that simply trying to keep trying just one thing was the key to success
However, the method of acquiring 3 years of experience and acquiring skills in the present age is that it is an old method
I think that people who can adapt to rapidly advancing technology can live well
I have been brainwashed by traditional practices and cultures that have continued for hundreds of years and have diminished my thinking ability
That’s why I want to live thinking about things theoretically in order to eliminate anxiety
And I think spending money for success is a mistake and I think you should think about the right place and time
The right place for me who can not understand Japanese fixed concepts is foreign and nowadays there is only technology
I worked in Japanese society for the first time in a few weeks ago
As a result, the way of working and economy of old Japan did not change after all through Japanese society, and I re-recognized about Japanese society
I also hope to expect foreign countries in anticipation that Japanese society, American society and Chinese society after decades will not change
The source of convenient technology around me is the United States and China, and Japan is a subcontracting nation
I do not want to overlook the shortcomings of things while there are many TV programs that introduce only the wonderful virtues of Japanese people
I won’t complain about wages that are not proportionate to violent business content because I respect other people’s thoughts
I do not want Japanese executives and politicians to understand my own principles and claims
I just want to protect my own way of thinking and I think it would be better if everyone would go on their own way
I’m not going to persuade myself to insist on brainwashing education because I can not be a guarantor and I can not take responsibility
I was troubled with various things last night, but first I went into the futon and re-strategized and re-searched on the internet to reorganize my feelings
As a result, I was able to make a schedule for this week and feel comfortable sleeping
In other words, in the case of me, I consult with someone or have a drink and try to think in order to develop my thinking ability without forgetting something bad
To work hard at any cost without thinking about anything means that you are repeating simple work in the factory
The simple task is a task that can not be continued after all, and you should make decisions and act early if you consider your long-term vision
Last week I went to a briefing session of a temporary agency to study society
I was disappointed by the unchangeable working environment of Japanese society
There is still a light-handed job by human hands, and recruitment advertisements are posted on the internet site of a temporary agency at a low wage
My thought that I thought that the field of work of simple work was supplemented by robot artificial intelligence was miscalculation
I might have had too much hope for the ability of Japanese talented engineers
Anyway, I understood that the working environment and working conditions of Japanese society more than 10 years ago had not changed at all and redefined my life goals
I moved to the city in March of this year, hoping that there will be a cutting-edge labor society in Japanese cities
As a result, I was disappointed with the lack of progress in Japanese society and was convinced that I could not find a job at any office company in Japan
I have been learning how to live in a Nordic society for several years and I have been searching for an environment where I can search for creations
However, I feel that the difference between the content introduced in the mass media and the actual Japanese society is similar to the difference between Japanese and American show business

You should keep doing what you like and quit if you get tired

Remember the existence of a grandmother who feels the virtue of living a life of sorrow while suffering mental damage
I do not think that it will be useful to the competition of the modern society by learning the view of human life that has experienced World War II
Change of the times changes human values ​​and I feel that the speed of technology evolution is not half now
I’m excited about the emergence of new business models in the convenience of the rapidly advancing Internet business
I think it’s good to keep emotions and try things anyway
First of all I think it is important to act and I think it would be better if I continue to seek my favorite things and people I like
And if I get bored I think it’s better to just stop asking and start looking for new things
Since it is no use asking for a correct answer in a life without a correct answer, I feel that it is best to believe in yourself and immerse yourself in the things you like
I have a lot of heartbreaking experiences and maybe I would like to search for different women and finally look for the most favorite woman
However, the people of the public tend to cling to specific people and things, which I think is a manifestation of great continuity
I aim at the Olympics in judo and wrestling, aim at a cartoonist, aim at a painter, aim at a radio mixer, aim at a singer / songwriter, aim at a police officer, etc. Was
The only thing left to me now is the intangible memories of what I’ve worked on in the past, and that’s my only property
For somebody I wasn’t asking for a dream or an ideal, I might want to taste a sense of fulfillment or a sense of accomplishment by the act of aiming
Anyway, I feel that keeping strange consistency doesn’t coincide with the present age
We can not adapt to the rapidly changing human lifestyle and morals
I traveled on a bicycle with a commuting distance of more than 30 km and I reflected on my lack of calculation
So on the last day of the company’s training I left the company voluntarily and I decided to use the lessons for the next step and there is no regret
I was able to reconfirm that my own experience is everything, rather than knowing in sentences and videos
I respect people who have been working in a company for over 20 years, but I feel life as a religious person and want to expand my capacity using English as an international person
I am living a life with a self-responsibility that I do not mind ending my life with a dream that does not come true, I feel very good
I myself have been running a blog site for Youtube and my own, and it is about to pass for a year
Having been able to continue for a year, I found that I liked posting on Youtube and writing and updating blog posts
So I am determined to keep doing what I like
I want to share the story of life with everyone by paying attention to the Internet that can be used easily and easily

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