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A boring job is high risk

Once I had some experiences and in this case that I impressed veteran co-worker’s speed work.
He was my boss and veteran worker and his speedy work was very impressing for around co-worker.
such an exemplary existence was for employees.
But you know that that company is shipping corporation and It’s not venture business or creative work in business.
There is no creation to work a day and just repeating fixed work as routine everyday.
Also there is no skilled worker or unnecessary to have some oral communication’s skill or some certification.

The meaning of working like an artificial intelligence robot

It makes no sense to work without using the brain at all and wasting 8 hours

I know we don’t want to waste money and time for boring things.
My around co-worker were firstly purchasing lunch foods in seven eleven or convenience store before company attendance in morning.
Well T thought they were working in a stopped state and it looks miserably view you know?
Here is not Socialist state, Capitalist and liberal in this world except some nations.

I would say it that always having curious thing always will be getting excited thing is life’s pleasure.
It’s absolutely necessary to prepare for quitting job and step up to next door.
Well it had spent almost 5 years before running this blog as a creative activist.
So from now on we all together gonna prepare to realize your ideal life.
Thank you

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