risky life has begun!!


New life has begun

I started moving work this Monday. Unfortunately, it was raining on the day of the move, but it was about half an hour since packing was small for living alone. About 240 km of round trip trucking was unexpectedly tired but the task could be accomplished by using the highway. I was busy moving in and getting busy for a while, but I was able to relax now because I was able to finish my business safely. About three years later, I’m thinking of going overseas and the current situation is just a passing point and I want to keep calm and look at things. Now that I entered and settled down my mind, I was dedicated to job hunting and today I applied to one company. In other words, waiting for a reply from the company.

Exposure to a shortage of telephone operators

In the past few days I applied for several cancellation procedures and new registration calls, but it was difficult to cope with them. In Japan, it is the time of the start of schools and companies during the New Year, and the general public will be busy with moving, admission, and changing jobs. It should be recognized that there are many companies that are constantly struggling to replenish their telephone operators, and they had to spend more than 20 minutes on a single telephone subscription. At the moment there are contracts that have not been processed yet, and I am calling while staggering the time.

New information and unusual stories

Since I will live in a prefecture called Kanagawa, Japan, I am planning to send out information about Kanagawa and unusual characteristics on a blog. It is a city close to Tokyo, so it would be nice to share information on the latest trends. I think that if everyone changes something new they will surely be able to shine the flower of life. Daily blog update may be difficult, but I will do my best to update daily as much as possible. Thank you!!!!

From new placement.

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