Road to freelance


Road to freelance

First step is resignation

Reporting your resignation to your boss is the first step.
The boss tries to prevent his subordinate’s intention to resign, but can ignore it.
And he resigns and is freed from stress.

Second step is acquiring skills through vocational training

It is important to acquire skills.
Study is the life of an old Chinese who can only do manual labor.
Basically you should have the skills to work on the Internet.
There is a free state-run vocational school.
You can get vocational training while working.

The third step is a procedure for reducing the national pension premium or excluding it in full

Perform tax reduction procedures at government offices to minimize spending during vocational training.
: National Health Insurance premium
:municipal tax
: Property tax

After vocational training

Vocational training schools do not provide employment support.
Basically, graduates have to find a job.

Whether to get a job or start as a freelancer

I feel it is better to have a base in a rural area where living costs are low.
It is also recommended that you move to a foreign country where prices are low and currency values ​​are low.
Basically, skills that allow you to work on the Internet are utilized in foreign countries and the countryside.
I think it is best to get a job after vocational training.
However, you may start your freelance life while working part-time without getting a job.
Anyway, I think it’s best to finally leave the world of torture at work.
Is it okay to tell a lie without living honestly?
I think I should confess to my life honestly.

Japan with labor shortage

Recruitment of jobs for working classes in Japan is abundant.
However, there are few good jobs.
There is currently no application for job advertisements or job flyers.
He calmly accepts Japanese society where there are only companies with poor working conditions.
I feel that there is no merit in finding employment as a full-time employee at a Japanese company.
We are easy to hire, and we are not worried about getting a job.
Older workers cannot be optimistic about the many Japanese society.

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