Rock and roll !!!!!

I like rock and roll over pop music

We are alive in various situations
I know that everyone lives with various troubles and conflicts
There is always a problem and I have to solve it
We feel anger and sadness and we will lose sight of ourselves
I believe in tomorrow while walking on the asphalt ground of the city
People who complain that they can not bear the mental burden
Why are we alive? I’m standing for Rock and roll music.

Modern music scene without messages

No interest in hip hop, dance music or eurobeat, and except Rock and roll music
You know I’m not interested in modern musicians who don’t sing to sue something
And I think it’s pretty fun to make songs on the subject of love, intimacy, war and environmental issues
Let’s see I do not get rid of monthly billboard songs
Great masterpieces are being produced in poor and inconvenient times
And in reverse proportion to the convenience of the present, a piece of music is being produced
Ok I live to want something passionate
I feel attracted to going against the system, trying new things and pursuing creations

What is not rewarded is rewarded

What can not be successful is success
Failure is not failure
Especially I feel cool in the tragedy
First of all I think I have to be more moved
Uhh I am disappointed with my helplessness but I do not want to lose to my past
So I am satisfied with my controlled life in American obese people
I have a sense of security in the figures of people who keep running away from having a hard time
On the other hand I look at people in the world and I will not forget to make efforts
Bass tone that reminds you of the heartbeat, it is Rock and roll
The sound of hitting a drum that stimulates the heart strongly
Attractive rock singer lyrics and attractiveness in singing ability and voice quality
I think the feeling of getting excited about something is rock and roll

Dance performance is a hindrance
The charm of the music is halved by singing while dancing
Optimistic lyrics have no courage or hope
There is no lie in the rock singer’s sweat singing hard in a sizzling warehouse
You know I do not want to deny black music
And I just don’t want to affirm British music, Rock and roll.
Year, I think it’s great to always have a conviction and keep in mind
So I’m not just listening to music to enjoy a party
I feel that music that breaks the stress of human desires, laziness, conflict, contradictions, problems and concepts is rock and roll

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