Rome is not a day


Rome is not a day

The desire to make a successful business, get a fortune, and satisfy the desires.
Is that feeling justice or evil?
What is a human society where humans evaluate and judge humans?
I recently studied business success stories and how to make money.
But the essence is not what I want.
Ups and downs of human emotions are continual.
And he is always on the sidelines of those who are always looking for joy.

Difficulty to impress

I try to add themes to animated videos.
But deliberately saying masterpieces and cool jokes is very difficult.
Most of the time I’m making animated videos of about 6 frames a day, and I feel pain.
After all it is very difficult to impress others.
Such work belongs to the service industry.
And I have a job that offers something that is not material.

SNS is a toxin

Basically, I realize that it is forbidden to get hooked on SNS.
This is because there is a risk that SNS exchanges will cause mental damage.
I feel that there is a risk that my imagination will decrease when I spend time in the house.
A few days ago I started an SNS like Facebook.
When I work lonely, I become obsessed and lose my creativity.
I started SNS because I couldn’t improve my creative activities without receiving any stimulus.
However, I started to feel mental stress by communicating on SNS.
I was convinced that psychotherapy by exercise was better than SNS.
I only use SNS as a means of web marketing.
So I want to warn people that SNS is not a social community place.

Believe in unfounded confidence

I’m not without honest talk anxiety.
However, I feel uneasy when compared with others.
You can’t live in your own narrow world without looking around, but you can’t rely on your surroundings.
The important thing in all things is to say that you have a sense of balance.
Should we make emotional judgments based on the fact of a one-off life?
I think it’s wrong to try to assume that you will fail.
Assuming that you succeed, you will feel mental pressure and you will not be able to demonstrate your true value.
That’s why I think it’s important to understand things uniformly.
I think this groundless self-confidence is a boast.
But I feel that pursuing mentality based on logic is the best.

Rome made by efforts

Everyone has troubles, has problems, and lives while hiding their weaknesses.
I don’t think I can overcome that weakness forever.
After all, human beings have a fate that cannot be perfect.
I don’t think that resolving problems or mental pain will improve anything.
That is why we have to grow up from the mental pain of adversity.
Rome always lives with a spirit that cannot be realized in one day.

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