Rome is not made in a day

Rome is not made in a day

Many modern people don’t have the time to rest.
And the possibility of diminishing in life due to biased hobbies and tastes.
I try to enjoy this boring suffering.
Life should feel universally bored.
Unrealistic events and prominent narcissistic psychic movements are driving people.
I can’t live with the masses.
And I’ve worked hard to understand the public.
But that was not possible.
After all, the only way to change the situation or situation is natural disaster.
I honestly don’t want to succeed in developing a coronavirus vaccine.
It is because modern people understand that they will continue to follow their desires until the end.

All day without any results

I don’t deal with any sense of mission or urgent response.
Just thinking to solve the problem at hand.
It makes me calm when I always think about human mechanisms.
And people tend to seek results immediately.
Most of the results are not what you want.
Certainly, I think it is wonderful to be famous in the world and to contribute to society all over the world.
But please understand that the process is the most wonderful.
There is a myriad of information in the Internet world.
And I don’t know what to believe.
There are opinions from various human perspectives and they are not all exchanged.
Everyone is stressed by the lack of results.
Living as if I was impatient with something.

One work is enough

I make a lot of images and videos.
Of course, I am seriously working on the creation.
I just don’t intend to produce many masterpieces.
And I’m sure it’s impossible to create many masterpieces.
Even after encountering a good thing or an inspirational event, the calm self returns after a few seconds.
And the pain and sorrow will come back.
I am keenly aware that I have to thank for my daily food.
And I want to be moved by the days that are not obvious.
Anyway, I have been working for hundreds of hours or more to create one masterpiece.
So I want to fulfill my role in self-growth and life without becoming narcissistic.

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