In my home town that I am struggling to get pragmatic skills which kind of programing language, cording, knowledge of computer sciences, it makes me fatigue so much and I must improve upon my shortcoming if I will be made it in future. I was tedious when I was teenager, nobody didn’t persuaded me to go to foreign country, I was suffered from relationship between around people who don’t care of my future. Presumably speaking, I will work at warehouse until die, low income, tedious working, no vacation, over working, this is my life?

Intensive training!!
I am not complacent about my statement within working-class and had been thought of how to make it for a long time. I would like to chase dream fanatically. Such as obstinate conscience and supposition about my ideals that I will be survived to win for big match, usual citizen is might depressing by results in past or something. I have no choose to renounce any game and do not have to be dormant. Please proceed to the next stage in life.

Sometimes we loose something like impression, sometimes we noticed same things over and over. That’s life isn’t it? What if you had some perpetual pleasure in this era? And then you are not interested in remuneration and your proponents. Your mind afraid to receive insults from criticizes. Me too.

Individuality is highly valued in the United States. What about my humble character for American people? I am able to be docile person for company. Somehow I do scribble this sentence and hung on. There is a substantial amount of errors in my sentence. I don’t know which kind of category is this blog. I just wanna give people impression by painting art and picture. I don’t even know what is correct. No more discord with anyone and I try to read the holy bible today. I am totally from poverty and not brilliant history. One day I was deprived of freedom by something. alcohol and cigarettes and gamble never relieves the plight of me.

He is an affluent person.
She has made a lot money as singer.
People’s sights are congregating at their asset.
I have no recollection of what happened last night.
Well well, it is a nuisance to wake up early and take out the trash.
Besides being rich, he is also handsome, …..
What is amenity for your dairy life? That’s always controversial.
When I look a man who is competent in French, and speaks well.

I wanna marry with French girl.
The illegal alien is held at the immigration detention center. There is no a wholesome breakfast at every morning. Virtual reality has quickly developed. It is going to be insolvency of apartment’s paycheck for a month in Paris. I will never wedding vow in the church. My effective is fatal, and I have a aptitude for drawing painting doing something expression. Unfortunately all my skills is not effect to get work visa of French and I think. My favorite pastime is learning something new, is not fatal.

My attitude and your attitude, how differ is?
Could you please condemn my blog site for being artist. I am a moderate artist. I think somebody condemns my past remarks which talking about self is nominally of artist. I do better next season.

You say that please clarify this sentence for me.
I am not going to started studying English from beginning, because my around people are not able to speak English for testimony of my English. The fluent speaking level is temporary, and it will stop soon and I can’t afford to spend money a lot for improvement of language anymore. My sarcastic joke isn’t goodness and nobody laugh. I don’t wanna be perish now.

There are pros and cons.
I do not complain about petty things and I will. I disagree with exploring another country right now, and I have to. Simultaneously I do loyal to my policy, the best point is passion for something.
There is only two button, one is blue color yes, other one is no. Which way do you feel like better and comfortable as much as richest does. Life is short, quick answer please, yes!!

The man worked hard and had wealth, but he was not happy….
Money sin’t everything for us, enormous asset, desire desire and desire. A decade ago, I’d been to center of capital city and I was suffered. Working for living, living for working, and the purpose of born this world is getting job? Taking painful every time and taking recess is lazy? It may induce vomiting if true the story. The salary is barren and nothing grew up in past. I am a devout christian, I respect muslims who pray many times a day. Believing lord benefits our health. I know distinct answer by holy bible, need to care of after time of living.

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